Missouri Woman Finds Her Neighbor’s Missing Ball Python in Her Bedroom Wall

Long snake on grass
A ball python was found in a woman's bedroom wall after being missing.Facebook/Michele Whitehead

A missing ball python was reunited with its owner.

A Missouri woman heard a thud and found something completely unexpected in her bedroom.

KY 3 reported that a Springfield woman wrote a post to Leigh’s Lost and Found Facebook page in search of her ball python that slithered away from home.

On June 26, the woman’s neighbor Christina Cheek checked up on the noise coming from the bedroom.

”We found a reptile in the wall. She was crawling up through the wall and fell,” Cheek told KY 3. “I heard a thud, and there she was.”

Cheek reunited the snake and its owner.

“I am so happy she is home, and no neighbors have to stress anymore,” said Michele Whitehead, the snake’s owner, told KY 3. 

Whitehead told the outlet that the ball python is not as big, hostile, and aggressive as people think.

“She’s healthy, and I’m so happy that she’s home,” said Whitehead told KY 3.

After Whitehead's Facebook post gained a lot of attention, residents of north Springfield were concerned about coming across the snake in the grass, KY 3 reported.

“A lot of people on Facebook were posting rude comments, and that sucks,” Whitehead told the outlet. 

But some wanted to help.

“There were a lot of people sharing it or a lot of people that are telling us that they will look for her,” Whitehead told KY 3. 

“We also had a couple that actually came by and rode their bikes around and looked for it with my wife for a little while.”

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