Mollie Tibbetts Case: New Video Shows Missing College Student the Day Before She Vanished

The 20-year-old has been missing since July 18.

Missing college student Mollie Tibbetts was captured joking around on a sweet video recorded the day before she disappeared three weeks ago. 

The 20-year-old has been missing since July 18, when she disappeared after going for a run near her boyfriend's Brooklyn, Iowa, home.

In the charming video from July 17, Tibbetts can be seen laughing and sticking out her tongue. 

Tibbetts' family believes the student was abducted. 

"I think someone went to the house that Mollie knew or that Mollie trusted and that she left with them willingly," Robert Tibbetts, Mollie's father, told CBS News. "Now they're in over their head and they don't know what to do."

In a separate video posted by Mollie's aunt, the student can be seen giving an inspirational speech back in 2016. 

"Please keep praying," the aunt, Billie Jo Calderwood, wrote.

Inside Edition spoke to Mollie's speech coach, Jarrod Diehm, who described her as smart and caring.

"It's kind of cool to see her speeches ... see the compassion that was there with her message," he said.

Farm owner Wayne Cheney has been questioned by police multiple times in connection to Tibbetts' disappearance.

"I don't even remember what they asked me," he told WHO-TV of his interactions with law enforcement, noting he did not know Mollie. "It was a waste of my time, I know that."

Cheney has not been named as a suspect and says he knows nothing about her disappearance.

On Sunday, police found the body of a young white woman in her 20s, but it turned out not to be the missing student.

A reward fund for information in Mollie's case now exceeds $300,000.