Mom and Son She Gave Up for Adoption Reunite, Discover They Both Work at the Same Hospital

Holly Shearer was just 15 years old when she gave up her son Benjamin for adoption. The two recently reunited and discovered a remarkable coincidence about their lives.

Holly Shearer was just 15 years old when she found out she was pregnant and made the difficult decision to give her baby up for adoption.

“I was so scared,” Shearer tells Inside Edition. She selected Angela Hulleberg, who was unable to have her own biological children, to adopt baby Benjamin. As part of the agreement, the adoption was sealed and all communication had to cease.

“I wondered everyday what he was doing, what his favorite color was, what his interests were,” Shearer said.

Two decades passed and baby Benjamin was now a grown man. On his 20th birthday, he received a message on social media from Shearer, telling him, “Happy birthday. I hope you had a wonderful day.”

“I responded, ‘Hey, who are you? Do I know you?’ And that’s when she told me who she was,” Benjamin said.

The mystery of his birth had finally been solved. 

Holly and Benjamin met for dinner, and that's when their conversation took a remarkable turn. They realized they hadn't been that far apart after all and both worked at St. Marks Hospital in Salt Lake City, Utah.

“Finding out we worked in the same place, that was insane to me,” Benjamin said.

Shearer is a medical assistant in the heart center; Benjamin, a volunteer in the NICU.

“My mind was racing. I tried thinking back, ‘Is there a time that I remember that I passed him and said hello?’” Shearer said. 

Now the two are catching up, sharing photos and memories of each other’s lives. They also discovered that they have lived just five miles apart the whole time. 

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