Mom Carves a Breastfeeding Jack-o'-Lantern, Calls It Her 'Pump-kin'

The gourd even had tomatoes as breasts.

When a Virginia family got together to carve pumpkins for Halloween, this breastfeeding mom knew exactly how she wanted to her jack-o'-lantern to be portrayed.

Taylor Tignor, of Abingdon, shared a photo on Facebook group Breastfeeding Mama Talk of her jack-o'-lantern breastfeeding a baby pumpkin on one side, and pumping on the other.

Tignor, who breastfed her eldest son Dominic for 9 months and is currently breastfeeding her 2-month-old, told she wanted her jack-o’-lantern to spread a message of normalizing the practice.

“I see a lot of people bashing and people saying it’s wrong and not to do it in public,” Tignor said. “I just feel like it’s such a natural thing.”

She explained that when her family carved four pumpkins – one for each member of the family – it became obvious her pumpkin should be breastfeeding her babies.

“I wanted to do something really creative. I used tomatoes as the breasts and of course the little pumpkin for the baby,” she said. “I used part of the pump parts, and I used the pumpkin seeds and guts to put inside the bottle for the baby.”

Her husband and 4-year-old son, who plans to dress up as Buzz Lightyear for Halloween, stuck to traditionally spooky carvings.

Despite some backlash Tignor said she faced online, she said, “God put breasts on us for a reason. I had mostly positive feedback and [people who are negative] can think what they want.”