Mom Charged After 2-Month-Old Son Found Unconscious in NYC Homeless Shelter

Crime Scene
Baby Antonio Diaz was found unresponsive Sunday afternoon.(Getty)

Investigators originally believed baby Antonio Diaz died of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS).

The mother of a 2-month-old boy has been charged after her baby was found dead in a New York City homeless shelter. Authorities believe that baby Antonio Diaz’s body was slammed into a hard object several times before he went unconscious, the New York Daily News reported.

Mom Alyssa Owens, 24, has since been charged with three counts of assault and acting in a manner injurious to a child. She was taken into custody Monday and the investigation is on-going.

Owens and her son had been staying at the Candlewood Suites, in Midtown Manhattan, which had opened rooms to be converted into a homeless shelter.

NYPD authorities discovered little Antonio unconscious and unresponsive around noon Sunday when responding to a 911 call. The baby was declared dead after being rushed to Mount Sinai West Hospital.

Because Antonio showed no obvious signs of trauma, police initially believed it was a case of sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS), the New York Post reported.

However, investigators later discovered four or five brain fractures and hemorrhaging, the New York Daily News reported, citing police sources.

Owens has a history with the Administration for Child Services, the New York Daily News reported, with another child having been taken away from her in the past.

It is unclear where Antonio’s father was at the time of the incident.