Mom Finds Kind Note Alongside Wipes in Public Changing Room

The mom was pleasantly surprised by the sweet note.
Tiffany Daniels

She initially thought someone had accidentally left the wipes.

A mom’s heart was warmed when she found a sweet note on a changing table in a restaurant bathroom

Tiffany Daniels took her daughter inside the changing room at table at Chili’s in Hermitage, Tennessee, earlier this month and saw a pair of wipes.

She initially thought someone had accidentally left them until she read the note attached.

The note read: “Hey there mom! We've all been there . . . ran out of wipes or even forgot them. If that's you today, we hope this helps! Take what you need and leave the rest! Remember you're awesome!”

Daniels said it was a thoughtful act of kindness. 

“I was surprised when I saw it, but was happy to see someone doing a kind thing,” Daniels told “I appreciated the gesture because it’s nice to see someone think about others.”

The mom took a picture of the note and shared it in a local Facebook group. It garnered 700 likes, with many people commenting on how “sweet” it was.

Daniels later found out that the woman who left the wipes is not a mom herself and just tries to regularly do acts of kindness. 

“Us women have to stick together,” Daniels said.