Mom Furious After School Official Colors in Son's Hair Design With Permanent Marker

Juelz Trice was given two options and he chose to have his hair colored in.
Credit: Angela Washington

A mother is furious that an official at her son’s Texas school colored his hair with a permanent marker after he unknowingly violated the school’s hair policy.

Angela Washington said her son, Juelz Trice, went to school at Berry Miller Junior High on April 17 with a new haircut and a design shaved into the side of his head, which is in violation of the school's policy. 

“The assistant principal asked him to go to the office and so he went, and two assistant principals told him that he was out of dress code,” Washington told “They gave him two options to go to in-school suspension or to get his head colored in.”

Washington said Juelz, 13, chose to have his head colored because he didn’t want to spend the day in ISS. She said the school did not call her or give her son the option of calling her.

“It’s crazy that you gave a kid those two options,” Washington said. “As an assistant principal, they should have called me so we could have handled the situation.”

Washington acknowledged the school's hair policy, which states extreme hairstyles such as carvings, mohawks and spikes are not allowed, but said the administration did not have to “embarrass and humiliate” her son.

“It took a couple days to come out of his hair,” Washington said. “I was very upset. I was furious that it happened. I couldn’t believe I didn’t find out until he came home. Someone colored in his head like he was a coloring book.”

The Pearland Independent School District said in a statement after the incident that it “mishandled the disciplinary action.”

“District administration has contacted the student’s family to express our extreme disappointment in this situation, which does not fall in line with the values of Pearland ISD,” the statement on the district's website read. 

The district said, however, that school officials did give the student the opportunity to notify his mother.

Washington said that isn’t true.

The administrator responsible for the incident has been placed on leave, according to the district, pending an investigation.


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