Mom of Girl, 10, Who Died After School Fight Says She'd Previously Complained About Bullying

Raniya Wright died after getting into a fight at school.

RaNiya Wright, 10, who was a fifth-grader at an elementary school in South Carolina got into a fight with another student in late March and died from her injuries two days later.

A South Carolina mom whose daughter died after a classroom fight said she is “very upset with the school system.”

RaNiya Wright, 10, who was a fifth-grader at Forest Hills Elementary School in Walterboro, got into a fight with another student in late March and died from her injuries two days later.

RaNiya’s mom, Ashley Wright, told "Good Morning America" that she had complained to the school about the other girl involved in the fight on numerous occasions.

“That's what really breaks me down and makes me question to myself why nothing was never done up until now with this happening,” Wright said. "I'm thinking they got it handled, and they failed me."

RaNiya reportedly collapsed in the classroom on March 25 after the incident and was airlifted to the hospital. Police said no weapons were involved in the fight and the other student was suspended.

The school said it plans to give further details as to what occurred after a police investigation is completed. 

Wright said the other child had been bullying RaNiya since fourth grade and it had gotten increasingly worse in the weeks before her death, with RaNiya not wanting to attend school. RaNiya reportedly told Wright the girl had been teasing her every day and Wright called the school. 

“I sent my child to school feeling like she can be protected while she’s not in my care anymore," Wright said.

Wright said she is “frustrated” that the school and the district haven’t released any more information. 

No criminal charges have been filed in the case. 

The Colleton County School District said they plan to release a report about what happened after they end their investigation. 

"We know that members of our community may have questions and concerns as we try to sort out the details surrounding this tragedy. We realize and appreciate that people want to know exactly what happened in this incident," the school said in a statement last Wednesday. "However, it is important for our school district to make sure that the Colleton County Sheriff's Office's thorough investigation, relying on all of the facts available, is concluded before we comment publicly."

GoFundMe for RaNiya's family has raised more than $55,000.