Mom Influencer Charged After She Accuses Couple of Trying to Kidnap Her Children

Katie Sorensen posted on social media and told police about the alleged incident in December, but police said they have found no evidence that it occurred.

A mom influencer on Instagram has been charged after she reportedly allegedly lied to police when she claimed there was an alleged kidnapping while she was out shopping with her children in California,

Katie Sorensen usually posts about motherhood and beauty tips, but last year she posted that a couple followed her and her children through a parking lot of a Michael’s Craft store and that a man tried to grab her stroller.

She said the incident left her “paralyzed with fear.” But, authorities say they have no evidence that it happened and have charged Sorensen with two misdemeanors.

The Petaluma Police Department that Sorensen reported the incident on Dec. 7, saying that she was "followed inside the store" by a man and woman who had made comments concerning the appearance of her kids.

However, authorities said their investigation produced no evidence that the event happened and there were no witnesses to back up the story.

The police department released a photo of the couple to try to identify them, and Eddie and Sadie Martinez came forward and completely denied Sorensen’s claims. Now, Sorensen is charged with giving false information to police, which carries a maximum of six months in jail.

Eddie and Sadie Martinez told Inside Edition they are happy that Sorenson has been charged and it’s a “step in the right direction.” They added that it’s a “a good example for all the people around the world who think that it is OK to go out and judge people just on what they look like.”

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