Mom of Baby Thrown Into Pool During Lesson Says She Received Death Threats

Mother tossing her baby in a pool

A mom who posted video of her child's controversial swim lesson says she's now getting death threats. In the video, the instructor tosses an 8-month-old baby into the pool.

A few seconds later, he surfaces, and uses all his instincts to stay afloat. The boy's 3-year-old brother is also thrown into the pool before popping up. Onlookers cheer but social media is aghast. 

Their mom Krysta Meyer said she posted the videos because she wanted to show how her sons Oliver and Jayce were learning how to float in case they ever fall into a pool.

On receiving death threats, Meyer said, "I push all of that inside. People are just ignorant."

Meyer said that what most people don't know is that both sons had months of swimming lessons before they were thrown into the pool. In one lesson, the instructor holds baby Oliver in the water, then flips him into a backwards somersault.

The swim school told Inside Edition that the process is a well thought out program appropriate for the child's age. The purpose is to ensure that a child will survive if they fall into the water.

Still, the method is controversial. Matt Harrigan, who runs a Los Angeles swim school, says he’s against throwing any baby into the water,

"It's about slowing building and developing a love for the water."


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