Mom Plays Trombone at Concert With Her Son on Her Lap

Haruka said it's second nature for her to play with the baby.
Instagram (Shake 'Em Up Jazz Band)

Haruka Kikuchi is mom to 9-month-old Shouda and didn’t have a babysitter.

Mom duties never stop, even when you’re playing the trombone.

Haruka Kikuchi is mother to 9-month-old Shouda and didn’t have a babysitter when she had to play a show while on a Europe tour with the Shake 'Em Up Jazz Band last month.

She was in Sweden at a really late gig and friends were watching Shouda off stage when he started to get a little bit fussy so she pulled him up on stage with her, where he fell asleep in her lap as she played. 

“He's just chill so it's super easy and natural to me,” Kikuchi told

It isn’t the first time she had to do so. When the group played at the Edinburgh Jazz Festival, the mom had Shouda on her lap too.

He is always wearing protective headphones when he is up there.

“Actually, he stole the show because people love the baby and he just [gave] a smile to everybody,” she added.

Kikuchi said it isn’t difficult to to play while holding her son because she’s been playing the trombone for 15 years and it’s second nature to her.

And wherever she goes, Shoulda is usually right there along with her, even on stage.