Musician Pushes Baby Grand Piano 1 Hour Across New York to Play in Park

Talk about commitment to the craft.

Colin Huggins is one dedicated musician. He pushes his baby grand piano across New York City twice a week to play in Washington Square Park.

Talk about a commitment to the craft.

Huggins has no fear hauling his 900-pound instrument and avoiding subway grates, bicycles and even cars as he weaves through traffic.

"I'm not worried about anything," he told Inside Edition.

People can't help but stare as he passes by. 

His voyage is a one-hour round trip as he treks from his storage unit to the park, and back. He's performed twice a week in the park for the last 12 years. It's been quite the workout for Huggins.

And as he finally arrives at the park, he's ready to play.

"I'm gonna play some beautiful music and do a beautiful performance," he said.

Onlookers seem transfixed when he begins to play. At one point, he's joined by dancers and an opera singer. Huggins said it's moments like these that make the long, heavy haul worth it.