Mom Says She Was Shocked Pole Vaulter Son's Image Was Fraudulently Used to Get Media Mogul's Child Into USC

Inside Edition spoke to Jancen Power's mother about the college admissions scandal.

The mother of a champion pole vaulter whose photo, authorities say, was fraudulently used as part of the massive college admissions scam can't believe another parent would stoop so low. 

Media executive Elisabeth Kimmel allegedly submitted the photo as part of her son's college application to the University of Southern California, saying it was her son. In reality, her son was never even on his high school track-and-field team. 

Authorities say the application submitted to USC falsely described Kimmel's son as "one of the top pole vaulters in the state of California."

Kimmel's son was allegedly accepted into USC last March as a student-athlete.

“[USC ex-assistant soccer coach Laura] Janke prepared an athletic profile falsely describing Kimmel’s son as an elite high school pole vaulter and including the following photograph purporting to be of Kimmel’s son, but which, in fact, depicts another individual,” according to the criminal complaint filed by prosecutors.

Inside Edition has discovered that photo really shows Jancen Power, who is an actual pole vaulter attending Abilene Christian University in Texas. 

He says he's shocked that his photo was used fraudulently to get another kid into an elite college.

Inside Edition found Power’s mom, Lois, who was shocked and upset to learn his image had been falsely used. 

"That is definitely [my son's] picture, we have it on our refrigerator as we speak," she told Inside Edition. "His reaction was, 'LOL, royalties?' Really, the thing again is the sadness of what it is teaching the children." 

Dan Lee, a private college admissions adviser, called the scope of the scam "unprecedented." 

"It really is unfortunate," he said. "It really is a disservice to the students who actually are recruited athletes, who could have taken that slot and could have gotten a scholarship to attend that school." 

Laura Janke was charged with conspiracy to commit racketeering in the scandal dubbed "Operation Varsity Blues." She is expected in federal court in Boston on March 25. USC has terminated Janke. 

Kimmel is expected to appear in court in Boston in the future. She is being represented by former U.S. Attorney Greg Vega for the Southern District of California.

Inside Edition's calls to the family who allegedly submitted that fake pole vault photo were not returned.