Mom Says Son's Orange Sneakers Led to Rescue From Mississippi River Following Barge Crash

Caring Bridge

The child is currently in the ICU.

A mother is saying her son’s bright orange sneakers were what led to his miraculous rescue recently on the Mississippi River following a barge crash, according to WCCO.

On June 3, Jeremy Koenig, 45, and his four kids, who ranged in age from 11 to 3, were fishing in the Mississippi River in Red Wing, Missouri, when a barge collided with their small boat, cops said. The children were all wearing lifejackets, according to Central Daily.

Witnesses said that Koenig and three of his four children made it to shore but one of his kids, Vincent, was stuck in the water, WCCO reported.

In the dark water, the boy, Vincent, 5, was able to be spotted thanks to his bright orange sneakers, according to the family.

“Vincent was stuck underneath and thank goodness he was wearing shoes with orange bottoms. Jeremy spotted his shoes and was able to find him. It is unknown how long Vincent was submerged underwater.  I’m told that all the bystanders were extremely wonderful and they began CPR until EMS arrived,” the boy’s mother wrote on her Caring Bridge site.

The boy is currently at Mayo Clinic, and reportedly does not have brain damage. The Mayo Clinic tells WCCO the boy is in critical condition right now.

For more information on Vincent and if you wish to help the family, visit their Caring Bridge page.

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