Mom Ticketed While Breastfeeding Baby in Car Parked in Commercial Zone

The mom said she wishes officers would be more sensitive.
Credit: CBS NEWS

A New York mom said she was ticketed while breastfeeding her baby while parked in a commercial zone. 

Guillermina Rodriguez Torres, who was stuck in traffic in Manhattan on Friday, pulled over so she could feed her crying 3-week-old baby.

She knew she had pulled into a commercial parking zone but she said that’s what seemed best at the time.

“The baby is crying so I needed to stop and feed her,” Rodriguez Torres told

Rodriguez Torres said an NYPD tow truck quickly pulled up.  

“The traffic officer came and he didn’t see me. I reached over to honk to let him know I was there. I was in the backseat.”

The mom said she gestured to the officer that she was breastfeeding her daughter but he still put a $115 ticket on her van and left.

“I was shocked. I know that they are doing their job but I am here attending to my child and you gave me a ticket,” Rodriguez Torres said. 

The NYPD told CBS News the traffic agent had already written the ticket before he saw Rodriguez Torres and there wasn’t anything he could do. 

Rodriguez Torres said she plans to fight the ticket and hopes in the future that officers try to show more compassion.

“Personally I want them to be more sensitive and lenient toward breastfeeding mothers,” she said.


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