Monica Lewinsky Reveals Worst Nicknames She's Been Called as She Kicks Off Anti-Bullying Campaign

Lewinsky is urging past victims of bullying to change their Twitter display names to what tormentors called them.

Monica Lewinsky is throwing herself behind a new anti-bullying campaign called "Defy the Name."

Pegged to National Bullying Prevention Month, the initiative is aimed at fighting the name-calling that often comes with bullying, and as part of the campaign, Lewinsky changed her Twitter display name to include some of the horrible monikers she's had hurled at her. 

"Monica Chunky Slut Stalker That Woman Lewinsky," her name now reads. 

Speaking on "Good Morning America" Friday, she encouraged others to join her across all social platforms.

"We'll see at the end of the month if I feel like they have less power to them over me," Lewinsky, 45, said.

Lewinsky convinced plenty of other big names to join her for a PSA for the initiative, including Lena "the Whiny Fat C***" Dunham and John "Dumb B**** Loser" Oliver. The powerful video shows celebrities as they share the names they've been called. 

The campaign is more emotional, Lewinsky said, given the hearings for Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh and the allegations of sexual misconduct leveled against him by Dr. Christine Blasey Ford and others.

"Dr. Ford has been incredible," Lewinsky said of Ford's testimony before the Senate Judiciary Committee. "I mean, she was bullied. She was called names and she didn't let that stop her from being brave and I don't believe she wanted to testify. I know what that's like.

"It's a hard thing to do and she's just been an incredible role model in bravery."