Most Heroic and Daring Things Good Samaritans Did in 2020

Not all superheroes wear capes!

These heroes came to the rescue of others in 2020.

A woman in Florida saved her neighbor from choking when he rang her doorbell for help. She performed the Heimlich maneuver and cleared his airway just in time. Home surveillance camera showed a man desperately knocking on his neighbor’s door for help. Billy Bass says he was home alone eating steak, when he started to choke on a piece. His neighbor Karen Aronda knew exactly what to do, and helped him clear his airway.

“I can’t even do a pushup, so where I got the strength from, I have no idea!” Aronda told Inside Edition Digital.

Some people could only watch in horror as an SUV slowly sank into the water in New Jersey, but others jumped in to help. One man, 29-year-old Anthony Capuano, beat them to it and was able to pull the driver out through the window. He’s a lifeguard, swim instructor and he’s an amputee. Helost his leg about 12 years ago, but when he was working out at a nearby park and saw the accident happen, he knew he had to help. When Capuano swam ashore with the SUV driver people were waiting there to help him finish the job and to commend him for his bravery.

“This is a suction type of leg. So literally I would just take it off, pull it off. I pulled it off and pulled it from my pants and I just swam,” he told Inside Edition Digital.

Two young children and their grandmother were rescued from floodwaters by a man who was determined not to let them get swept away. Mike Wilson and his family were returning from a camping trip when they encountered flooded roads and noticed a car stuck with people inside. Wilson kicked off his flip flops and waded in, carrying the kids to his pickup truck one at a time, handing them off to his wife. Then he helped walk the grandmother through the strong current to safety. It was risky, but the Wilsons say they couldn't just leave the family there.

A dad was trying to keep it together when he and his four kids got caught in their car in a flood but some good Samaritans with a backhoe that came to his rescue. The helpers were able to grab one child while the dad got his other kids out of the car and onto the roof of the car. One of the kids couldn’t make it on top and hung on to the side of the car for dear life. They were able to pull them to safety with the backhoe as one by one each child joined them and then dad was safely out of the water. They all rode out of the flood to awaiting first responders in the basket of the backhoe. An unusual rescue vehicle, but an effective one.

One couple’s life together started off on the wrong foot when a wave swept them into the ocean while they were taking their wedding photos. A bystander in Laguna Beach, California, caught the whole thing on video, but stopped recording to call 911 for help. A lifeguard came to the couple’s rescue, first getting the groom close enough to shore so that he could swim. Then the lifeguard went back for the bride, fighting through rough waves to get to her and then more waves as he tried to swim her to safety. Another lifeguard came to assist and the couple was eventually reunited thanks to these brave and strong swimmers.

Two good Samaritans ran toward this flaming pick up truck as the driver tried to escape the wreck on a Florida highway. One of the men said he noticed many people witness the dangerous situation, but not many of them were trying to help. The driver was able to get most of his body out of the window when these two heroes ran to his aid to help him the rest of the way out, preventing a possible tragic outcome.

A driver was shocked to see a car in flames on the side of a Massachusetts highway and knew he had to help. Harold Greer pulled over and his dash cam recorded the whole thing. When he arrived another man was already pulling one person out of the burning car. Then more people came to help, pulling a second person out of the car. Greer says it’s a good thing people stopped to help because the driver of the car was so badly injured he wouldn’t have made it out of the crash on his own.