Mother and Daughter Go Under the Knife for Joint Cosmetic Surgeries

Their surgeries were live streamed on Facebook.

A Texas mother and daughter have gone under the knife together to repair some trouble spots they say exercise can’t fix. 

Pamela Blinco and her 19-year-old daughter Brycen both say they had fat they couldn't get rid of and the teenager said she's had difficulty breathing since breaking her nose while playing softball. In addition, Pamela said she wanted fuller breasts. 

The ladies consulted with cosmetic surgeon Dr. Thomas Jeneby at the Plastic and Cosmetic Center of South Texas in San Antonio. 

The doctor went over the procedures for liposuction with both of the women, and marked Brycen’s nose for a rhinoplasty and outlined Pamela’s breast implant procedure. 

After hearing about the breast augmentation, Brycen asked her mother if she could have hers done too.

“Absolutely not,” Pamela snapped back. 

Pamela was the first to get her procedures done. Her husband, Mitch, and Brycen were able to watch the surgery live on social media. 

Dr. Jeneby also fielded questions from other viewers of the surgery on Facebook during the live broadcast. 

One viewer wanted to know if Pamela will still have sensation after the breast augmentation.

“Yes,” he said. “Ninety-nine percent [she] will still have sensation.”

Then, he moved onto the liposuction and used a laser for ab sculpting.  

Brycen also fired off her own question into the operating room, asking how long until her mom can start working out again. 

The doctor declared that she can resume cardio workouts "in about a week or so.” 

After the surgeries, Pamela was wheeled into recovery and Brycen was next. 

Dr. Jeneby broke Brycen’s nose for the rhinoplasty and worked on sculpting it so she could breathe better. 

He then gave the teenager a touch of liposuction and ab sculpting. Like her mom, Brycen’s surgery was live streamed as well. 

The women later recovered at home. A month later, they were shopping for the first time with their new figures. 

“We had [a] mommy-daughter makeover," Pamela said. "We look and feel great!"