Mother Cat in Turkey Chases Off Pack of Dogs Trying to Attack Its Kitten

The incident was captured on the security camera of a jewelry market in the southern city of Adana

One cat in Turkey proved that when it comes to her offspring, she doesn’t play. Things were not looking good for the kitten when a pack of stray dogs had it surrounded. Although the feline tried to fend for itself, the pack pressed on. Then mama came to the rescue.

She leaped in with a vengeance and counter-attacked.  She didn’t seem to care about being outnumbered or significantly smaller than any of the dogs. And she made it clear to the canines to lay off and get out.

The dogs scattered, and the mother cat chased them away. The entire incident was captured on a security camera at a jewelry market in the city of Adana.

Turkey is known for loving kitties. They can often be seen traipsing through ancient ruins or hanging out in famous sites like the Hagia Sophia. Locals even build shelters to protect their feral feline friends.  Nevertheless, no amount of human protection can apparently equal that of a concerned mama cat.

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