Mother-Daughter Duo Charged With Murder After Woman Dies From Illegal Plastic Surgery Procedure

Libby Adame and Alicia Galaz side by side

Two women have allegedly performed an unauthorized procedure from their home and have been charged with the death of a young woman after an alleged butt augmentation.

A mother and daughter were arrested for performing an illegal plastic surgery procedure in their home.

Karissa Rajpaul died after undergoing an “unauthorized” butt-implant procedure performed by Libby Adame and Alicia Galaz in October 2019, police say.

The mother-daughter duo allegedly presented themselves as specialists despite not having credentials, authorities say.

Rajpaul’s cause of death was listed by the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Office as a homicide due to acute cardiopulmonary dysfunction and intramuscular/intravascular silicone injections. The Los Angeles County Medical Examiner’s office said that the 26-year-old’s death occurred at the hospital on the same day as her procedure.

Adame, 51, posted bail at $1 million, and was released a day after her arrest and a court date has not been scheduled for her case.

Galaz, 23, is scheduled for a court appearance on December 8, and was released on bond two days after her arrest, according to a local CBS affiliate.

Police say Rajpaul was seen in a video — now a part of the LAPD’s investigation — that was posted on social media undergoing the butt augmentation. 

The woman reportedly had two procedures illegally performed last September, and this was her third, according to ABC7.

Authorities say that the women were using chemicals that are used by cosmetic physicians, but added harmful chemicals. 

"They were mixing them with chemicals and other substances that clearly are not appropriate for any medical procedure that would be performed on a human," LAPD Deputy Chief Alan Hamilton told ABC7.

Others who may have suffered longterm health issues after having procedures have been contacted, police say. 

"We're also seeking additional victims and relatives of victims who may have had loved ones disfigured or who passed away," Hamilton said.

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