Mother of Missing Waitress Heather Elvis Pleads for Information in the Case

The plea came after Tammy Moorer, the wife of a man with whom Heather Elvis was allegedly having an affair, was found guilty of kidnapping.

A South Carolina woman has been found guilty of kidnapping Heather Elvis, a local waitress who disappeared in 2013. 

Prosecutors say Elvis had been having an affair with a married man, Sidney Moorer, who did maintenance work at the restaurant The Tilted Kilt, where she worked.  

When Moorer's wife, Tammy, found out about the relationship, she was furious, especially since she believed Elvis might be pregnant.

As a punishment, Tammy allegedly made her husband get a tattoo of her name on his torso.

Then in 2013, Elvis disappeared. Her car was found at a boat landing, but there was no trace of her.

In 2014, Sidney and Tammy Moorer were charged with kidnapping and murdering Elvis, although the murder charges were later dropped.

Tried separately on the kidnapping charge, Tammy Moorer took the stand to insist she was innocent.

The verdict came down Tuesday, when Tammy Moorer was found guilty of kidnapping.

Elvis’ sister was among those who gave victim impact statements before sentencing.

"My family has fallen apart and we'll never recover," she said. 

Heather's mom Debbi also gave an impact statement, blasting the couple.

"They stole her life and they've ruined ours," she said. 

Heather Elvis is presumed dead, but her remains have never been found.

Even after the verdict, Tammy Moorer was adamant she knew nothing about Elvis' disappearance.

“She knows where Heather is, she knows what happened to Heather and she needs to tell what happened to Heather,” Elvis’ parents said to the press after court. 

Tammy Moorer's husband was found guilty of obstruction of justice, though the jury was hung on the kidnapping charge, he’s currently serving a 10-year sentence.