Mother of 22-Year-Old Man Who Fatally Overdosed Pens Emotional Obituary in Hopes of Helping Others

Hunter Lee Clemons and his mother Christy Myers-Couvillier; Hunter fishing. The 22-year-old died after a long battle with drug addiction.

“Drugs offered Hunter an escape from the demons he faced throughout his life," Hunter Lee Clemon's mother wrote.

A grieving mother penned a heartbreaking obituary after her 22-year-old son dies from a fatal drug overdose, hoping her words will help others who are suffering

Hunter Lee Clemons died on Feb. 10 after “a long battle with addiction,” his mother, Christy Couvillier wrote.

She described her boy as someone who had a “heart of gold.” “He was kind, funny, charismatic, selfless, loyal, and always tried to find the positive in any situation,” she said. “In turn, doing his best to block out the negatives, which is where his addiction came into play.”

She continued: “Drugs offered Hunter an escape from the demons he faced throughout his life.” 

This was not the first time he came close to death.

On July 23, 2019, she said, her son overdosed on heroin that was laced with fentanyl and was on life support for four days. But he miraculously woke up and went into a drug rehab center, starting down a better path for his life, she wrote.

She said he worked as a technician at a company based in Florida and every chance he got, he would go fishing. One of his favorite things to do, she recalled, was to spend time outdoors and be in the company of his roommates. 

But ultimately his battle with addiction consumed him. And this time, he couldn't be saved.

On Feb. 19, a funeral service was held at Williams Funeral Home in Opelousas, Louisiana, approximately 20 miles from Lafayette, where Hunter was raised. 

In her son's obituary, Couvillier wrote, “his family would like to speak the truth about his death.”

“Speaking the truths (no matter the circumstances) surrounding the epidemic of drug use may be the difference between life and death for someone,” she wrote. And to honor her son’s life, and hope to raise more awareness about addiction, Couvillier set up the permanent life tribute page.

“Silence would mean Hunter's death was in vain, but if one person's life is saved by his story, we would tell it a million more times," she continued. "We know the pain of his suffering. We know the pain of our own suffering as his family, and we know there are hundreds of other people here in our community suffering as addicts or as loved ones to them.”

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