Mother of Missing 5-Year-Old Elijah Lewis and Her Boyfriend Arrested


The pair were arrested in New York and are set to be extradited to New Hampshire.

The mother of a missing 5-year-old and her boyfriend have been arrested in New York on witness tampering and child endangerment charges, CBS Boston reports.

Elijah Lewis, who is from New Hampshire, has been missing for six months, although he was only reported missing on Oct. 14, The New Hampshire Attorney General's office said in a news release last week.

Elijah Lewis' mother, Danielle Dauphinais, and her boyfriend, Joseph Stapf, were arrested on Sunday in the Bronx.

Authorities claim that the parents asked people to lie about where Elijah was living because they knew child protection service workers were searching for him, according to the news release.

Authorities also said that the adults violated a duty of care by failing to protect and support Elijah. The boy’s father is also aware of what is happening, authorities said.

Elijah was last seen by “independent individuals” six months ago, according to police.

"We're trying to find Elijah," Senior Assistant Attorney General Benjamin Agati said Monday. "We hope we're going to find him in good condition. But I would be less than honest if I didn't say that the chances of that are not looking great at this point."

The couple waived extradition and are set to be retuned to New Hampshire for Wednesday hearing.

Neither Dauphinais or Stapf has entered a plea yet.

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