Move Over Ronaldo and Messi — High School Soccer Team Makes Incredible Goal

The maneuver was performed twice and helped the Kansas high school win the game.

A throw-in by a Kansas high school soccer player recently resulted in a play that would rival the skills of superstars like Cristiano Ronaldo, Leo Messi, and Zlatan Ibrahimovic — and has gone viral in the process.

It all started as Maize High School tool on their rivals, the undefeated Maize South High School, when senior Ashlyn Lakin put her own spin on a routine throw-in.

Lakin did a front flip, using her body's momentum to hurl the ball onto the field. There, a teammate went for the header, putting the ball into the net. 

She did the magical flip twice during the match, and it worked each time. Her team won the game 2-0. 

"For us, it's even more dangerous than a corner kick just because of the velocity it's coming in at," Maize coach Jay Holmes told about the lethal throw-in. “With the pace, it's just such an offensive threat."

Lakin told that she had been practicing the maneuver in front of her mother.

"I immediately started practicing in the front yard and throwing down the street to my mom," Lakin said.

Much like the world renowned superstars who make headlines for their infamous bicycle kicks and surgical strikes, this high schooler is showing she is on par with the best.