Mysterious Loud 'Boom' Heard in Kansas Suburb Leaves Locals Stumped, Investigators Searching for Clues

Police Car
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A “mysterious” boom heard by residents in Overland Park, Kansas has got city officials stumped, according to reports. 

On Feb. 3, police and fire crews were alerted to the sounds of a loud blast or explosion on the south side of Overland Park just before 9 a.m., ABC 9News reported.

A spokesperson for the city said the sound was reported from the area of 143d and 167th streets and Quivira to U.S. 69, KSHB News reported. 

There were no injuries or significant damage reported, officials said. 

The Overland Park police and firefighters have been investigating several potential causes for the blast sound that include construction demolition, power transformers or sonic boom, KSHB reported.

Construction contractors in the area on Wednesday morning did not report any blasting operations and the electric services company Evergy said there were no power outages in the area either, KMBZ Radio reported.

People reported hearing the boom in the town of Johnson County for miles away.

‘What? What on Earth was that?" said Pat Ward who lives in the heart of where the sound resonated from, near 159th Street and Quivira Road. Ward told ABC 9News that her entire house shook when she heard the blast at 9 a.m. “We came running out. It truly just felt like a huge explosion," she said.

Currently, crews are investigating if the sound may have been a sonic boom by an aircraft, the local radio station reported.


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