Mystery Creature Caught on Camera in Florida Looks Like a Baby Dinosaur

Others theorized the mystery figure was actually a dog with a cone on its head or a sandhill crane.

A mystery creature caught on surveillance camera running across a yard in Florida has everyone stumped. The homeowner’s theory is that it’s a baby dinosaur — and many people on social media agree.

“Dinosaur on the loose,” one commenter said.

Others think it looks like the blue, baby raptor from “Jurassic World.”

The sighting reminds many of the creepy video captured at a home in Colorado showing an elf-like creature waddling across the driveway.

The mystery was never solved, though the video went massively viral. Now theories are flying about this spooky new video.

“It looks like a sandhill crane. We get them in our yards all the time,” one person said.

Another theory was that it looked like a dog with a cone on its head dragging a leash — sounds a lot more likely than a baby dinosaur!

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