'Mystery Man' in Maine Drops Off Bags of Much-Needed Staples to Food Pantry

South Portland Food Cupboard
South Portland Food Cupboard workers.Facebook

The Secret Santa was gone before food pantry workers in Maine could thank him.

To the kindhearted soul who dropped off a dozen Target bags stuffed with goodies, the South Portland Food Pantry has a few choice words for you: Thank you very, very much.

As the holidays near, pantry workers have been struggling with distribution shortages, like everyone else, and were worried about providing much-needed supplies to those who could use some help at Christmas time.

"I think part of it is the end of the quarter, end of the year, and supply chain issues. It's up in the air. You just never know what's going to be available," executive director Dwayne Hopkins told News Center Maine.

The pantry gives away 13 tons of food each week. With grocery donations down, and folks hoping to put more on their tables over the holidays, Hopkins said his staff fretted about what to do.

Enter the anonymous donor, who workers have dubbed "The Mystery Man." He pulled up, unloaded bags laden with cake mixes, flour, spices and can openers, then vanished.

"He came at the right time with the right stuff. He didn't call ahead. He just picked up the right stuff from his heart, and there it was," Hopkins said.

The can openers were just the right touch, because people living in their cars or motel rooms often don't have them.

"Whoever he is, we really appreciate his generosity!" the staff wrote on the pantry's Facebook page.

The food center is still in need of canned goods such as corn and carrots, workers said.

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