Nancy Kerrigan Responds to Fanfare Over 'I, Tonya' Film: 'I Was the Victim'

Kerrigan says she's "just busy living my life," and has not seen "I, Tonya."

Nancy Kerrigan has broken her silence over the new biopic I, Tonya.

The film is sympathetic to her former rival, Tonya Harding. "I haven't seen the movie, I'm just busy living my life," she told the Boston Globe.

"I was the victim," said Kerrigan, who was whacked in the knee during a 1994 attack orchestrated by Harding's then-husband, Jeff Gillooly.

"That's my role in this whole thing," Kerrigan said. "That's it."

The silver medal-winning Olympian said she also didn't watch Sunday's Golden Globe ceremonies, where Harding was treated like a celebrity and even got a shout-out from Globe winner Allison Janney, who played Harding's mother.

Harding has also received a backlash of criticism for the favorable treatment she is now getting.

At Thursday's Critics Choice Awards, host Olivia Munn orchestrated a spoof of I, Tonya called I, Nancy as she cracked wise about Harding's knowledge of the Kerrigan attack, saying "She said she didn't know, huh? OK."

Kerrigan did catch that segment, later tweeting that Munn "can play me anytime."

Harding has denied any prior knowledge of the attack.