Nearly 200 Baby Turtles Rescued After Being Found Wrapped in Plastic

Almost 200 baby turtles found wrapped in plastic at Ecuador's Ecological Airport, were saved. They were stuffed in a suitcase and were being trafficked. Ten turtles did not survive the ordeal.

Quick thinking officials at Ecuador’s Galapagos Ecological Airport sprang into action and saved nearly 200 baby turtles from near death. The turtles were found after authorities opened suspicious luggage passing through X-ray machines. Sadly, 10 of the baby turtle couldn’t be saved.

Each of the turtles was less than three months old, and they were all wrapped in plastic. According to airport manager Jorge Rosillo, the reptiles were likely headed to Ecuador for trafficking because the species is highly sought after in Asian markets.

The baby turtles are now in the hands of the team at the Galapagos National Park. The hope is for them to grow freely and live as nature intended.