Nearly 40% of Dogs May Have Gained Weight During the COVID-19 Pandemic, Survey Shows

Overweight dog Overweight dog
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A recent survey shows that despite increased activity, 36% of dogs belonging to those polled gained weight during stay-at-home orders.

While a quarter of the dog lovers reported that their pals got more exercise during stay-at-home orders, almost 40% of them gained weight, according to a recent survey of pet owners. 

Pumpkin Pet Insurance collaborated with the tech company Fi on a recent survey given to pet owners.

Over 1,000 dog parents answered questions around both their and their dog’s life, activity and weight gain during quarantine.

Results of the survey showed that quite a few pup who put on the pounds mirrored weight gain of their owners. In fact, 56% of humans polled said that their dogs gained weight when they did. 

Sixty-six percent of those who said they increased their own activity said their dogs also were more active. 

More than 40% of those polled admitted to feeding their canine companions table scraps or giving them extra treats.

"While full bellies and endless playtime seem to leave pets with happy hearts, it's cutting down on extra treats and table scraps that will keep them healthy— and happy— in the long run," the study noted. 

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