Nebraska Cat Named Mo Narrowly Escapes From Kidnapping Captured on Surveillance Camera

Mo, an 8-year-old tiger-striped tabby, sprang from the arms of his kidnapper and ran for one of its lives.

Mo was just not having any of it.

The 8-year-old tiger-striped tabby didn't want to be picked up by a stranger, and he most definitely didn't want to be cat-napped. While his owner was inside their home, Mo was snatched up by a female he'd never met, who ran with him to a getaway car.

But Mo, struggling and squirming, launched himself from her arms and ran up the front yard and back onto the porch of his Nebraska house. His owner, Samuel Forest Evertson, got an alert on his phone that his security camera detected movement on his porch.

"When I saw Mo was almost taken, I was livid," Evertson told He called the Lincoln Police Department. Officers sent out a public appeal for help in identifying the female seen on Evertson's security tape.

"The female opened the car door and the fleet-footed feline made his heroic escape as he leapt (sic) to the ground," the department said in a statement.

The next day, a woman called police to say her neighbor bore a strong resemblance to the suspect. Officers went to the house, where they interviewed a 17-year-old girl and her mother. The teen said she had been dared by a friend to steal the cat, but didn't intend to keep it. Her mother said the girl should apologize to the cat's owner. 

The girl's case was turned over the county prosecutor's office for investigation of attempted larceny and trespassing charges.

Mo, meanwhile, seems happier indoors. 

"We chilling inside now where he can't be snatched," Evertson wrote on Facebook.