Neighbors Put Out Chairs for 95-Year-Old Veteran Who Takes Rests on His Daily Walk

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The kind neighbors of a 95-year-old World War ll veteran have put chairs out so that he can rest on his daily walk.


Harvey Djerf, a retired biology teacher, has been walking in his Minnesota neighborhood for the past 65 years.


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He walks nearly a mile, twice a day. When he gets tired, he can count on one of his Plymouth neighbors having put out a chair for him to take a breather.


“As I got older, I stop and rest more often so then they've been putting out different chairs and inviting me to sit and take a rest,” Djerf said


Djerf said his walks are a chance for him to keep active and give him something to do. The 95-year-old’s wife suffered a stroke last year and is recovering at an assisted living facility so he’s on his own.


"My wife said years ago I just -- I'm antsy. I can't sit still so maybe that's another reason I'm walking,” Djerf said.


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The veteran has become pretty popular around the neighborhood due to his daily walks.


“They say when they see Harvey go by twice a day, they figured they should get out and walk themselves. So maybe I'm having a good effect on some people,” Djerf said.