Neighbors Put Out Chairs for 95-Year-Old Veteran Who Takes Rests on His Daily Walk

He has been walking the neighborhood for 65 years.

The kind neighbors of a 95-year-old World War ll veteran have put chairs out so that he can rest on his daily walk.


Harvey Djerf, a retired biology teacher, has been walking in his Minnesota neighborhood for the past 65 years.



He walks nearly a mile, twice a day. When he gets tired, he can count on one of his Plymouth neighbors having put out a chair for him to take a breather.


“As I got older, I stop and rest more often so then they've been putting out different chairs and inviting me to sit and take a rest,” Djerf said


Djerf said his walks are a chance for him to keep active and give him something to do. The 95-year-old’s wife suffered a stroke last year and is recovering at an assisted living facility so he’s on his own.


"My wife said years ago I just -- I'm antsy. I can't sit still so maybe that's another reason I'm walking,” Djerf said.


The veteran has become pretty popular around the neighborhood due to his daily walks.


“They say when they see Harvey go by twice a day, they figured they should get out and walk themselves. So maybe I'm having a good effect on some people,” Djerf said.