Nervous Indiana Officer Safely Delivers Baby on Side of Road

"I guess I just based it off of what I saw on television really," Deputy Andrew Peters said.

When a frantic father flagged him down in the middle of the night last Saturday, Deputy Andrew Peters stopped to help him.

“I see a car coming the opposite direction with its hazards on, and it pulls up beside my car and I see a man waving his arms so I roll my window down and ask him if he needs something," Peters told WANE. "He says, 'My wife's having a baby.' I said, 'Like right now?' He's like, 'Yeah, like, right now.'"

New mom Kristen Karhoff said she didn’t think they wouldn’t make it to a nearby Fort Wayne, Indiana, hospital.

A father himself, Peters knew he had to spring into action. Even though he didn't have any experience in the medical field, Peters helped deliver little Chloe right on the side of the road.

"I guess I just based it off of what I saw on television really, it's not like we deliver babies all the time so we don't have any specialized baby delivery training or anything like that," Peters said.

The new family expressed their gratitude for Chloe’s safe delivery. "I think if officer Peters wasn't there I don't know what would've happened," Karhoff said.

In those moments, Peters knew it was important for him to keep his cool.

"People come to us in their bad times, or times when they need help, and they look for us to be, have all the answers, be that calming presence so even if we're a little freaked out on the inside, we need to be that calm and collective voice that helps them through it," Peters said.

Just in case something similar happens in the future, Karhoff joked that they will buy an emergency kit with blankets and other supplies, so they can be better prepared.