The Nestie Awards: Watch the Best Moments Unexpectedly Caught on Home Security Cameras

The selection of videos show silly, often heart-stopping moments.

From a dog ransacking its owners' home to a dad rescuing his son in the nick of time, these are the best videos caught by Nest home security cameras.

The selection of videos show silly, often heart-stopping moments unexpectedly caught on camera.

Hundreds of videos were submitted by homeowners to Nest for a coveted Nestie Award, which were recently announced on the company's YouTube page.

Footage of a dog that got stuck under a table before causing complete chaos in the living room scored the Best Set (Re)Design award.

There's synchronized swimming and even synchronized slipping on ice.

Mother Nature is also a star of the show as one camera catches a comet flying through the sky, while another captures a car flipping over in front of a home.

Video of a dad who managed to stop a bookshelf from crushing his toddler son won the award for Best Superhero Film.

It's the third year that the company has held the awards.