New Jarred of HBO's 'FBoy Island' Once Documented His COVID-19 Quarantine Upon Returning From Wuhan, China

Jared Evans had been in Wuhan as a professional football player when the first cases erupted.

How many people can say they went from the COVID-19 pandemic epicenter to winning a reality dating show?

Jarred Evans, or “New Jared” as he was known on HBO’s new reality dating show “FBoy Island,” documented his time in quarantine for Inside Edition upon returning to the U.S. from Wuhan, China last year.

The model and pro-athlete was one of a dozen “nice guys” among a dozen “FBoys” competing for the love of one of three women or a handsome cash prize.

Unlike most of them, he came out of the show a winner.

“I went in on a straight mindset to win,” Evans told Inside Edition, adding, “I did go there to find love.”

But just months ago, he was stuck quarantining at a California Air Force Base after returning from Wuhan, right at the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“I was living in Wuhan, China playing professional football,” Evans explained. “All of a sudden, an opportunity knocked on my door and I became a reality star overnight.”

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