New Jersey Kids Forced to Spend the Night at School Due to the Snowstorm

They ate dinner, slept on gym mats and played games to pass the time.

Unsafe conditions caused by an early snowstorm forced a group of New Jersey students to stay overnight at their West Orange school.

Liberty Middle School and other schools in the district canceled bus routes Thursday night due to the dangerous weather conditions, and as 10 p.m. rolled around, it was clear students would have to stay put. 

Pictures posted to social media by the school showed students sleeping on red gym mats inside the school’s auditorium. The children ate dinner in the cafeteria and kept busy an array of games, from hangman to basketball.

Many kids were picked up Friday morning as the school served a French toast breakfast. 

"6 students left with rides for most on the way...HUGE SHOUTOUT TO LIBERTY STAFF FOR A JOB EXTREMELY WELL DONE...LOVE my Liberty family...several staff were released prior to our group," the school tweeted Friday morning. 

The snowstorm, which hit the tri-state area, brought more snow than anticipated, causing traffic and delays throughout New York and New Jersey.