New Jersey Police Still Searching for 300-Pound Black Bear Spotted on Rooftop

A 300-pound black bear found standing on the roof of a one-story building in Harrison, New Jersey.
Harrison Police Department

New Jersey police officers are still searching for a 300-pound black bear that caught residents off guard when it was found standing on the roof of a business, police reported. The bear was first spotted around 4 p.m. Saturday near a Wawa in Kearny, and then a short while after, it was seen roaming near Red bull Arena in Harrison, reported.

"There have been multiple sightings of a black bear in the Harrison/Kearny area. If you see the bear, please use caution and do not approach, contact the Harrison Police Department immediately!" Harrison Police wrote on their Facebook Sunday.

In the early hours of Sunday morning police were alerted of a bear sighting on top of the roof of a one-story business on Cleveland Avenue and Passaic Avenue around 3:30 a.m., the outlet reported.

The bear climbed down the back of the building and ran towards a Hampton Inn close by.

Michael Gilmore, a sergeant with the Harrison Police Department told the outlet that in his 17 years as an officer, he has never encountered a scenario like this. 

“(I’ve seen) nothing like this,” he told the outlet. The New Jersey Division of Fish and Wildlife will get involved unless the bear is found in a tree or cornered by authorities, the outlet reported.

Police confirmed with Inside Edition Digital that the bear has not been seen since Sunday morning.



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