New Jersey State Trooper Robert Meyer Saves Choking 2-Week-Old Baby

New Jersey trooper saves choking infant.
Trooper Robert Meyer poses with little Elizabeth.New Jersey State Police

The baby was turning blue and couldn't breathe.

An off-duty New Jersey state trooper ran barefoot to save the life of a choking infant.

Robert Meyer was dead asleep when a frantic neighbor came banging on his door Saturday afternoon. He had just finished a night shift.

The woman's 2-week-old granddaughter, Elizabeth, appeared to be choking, and the grandmother wasn't having any luck unclogging her airway.

The neighbors didn't know each other, but the woman came running to his home because she saw his patrol car parked in front of the home.

Meyer didn't even stop to put his shoes on. He ran with the grandmother to her home, four houses down. 

The baby was turning blue and barely breathing. Meyer was handed a bulb syringe by the grandma and he was able to suck the mucus out of her nose and mouth, which immediately cleared her airway, according to the New Jersey State Police.

Elizabeth was taken to a local hospital, where she was treated and released on the same day. She was not injured.