New Ohio Homebuyer Finds Decomposing Remains of Previous Owner in the Basement: Cops

Body in Basement
The new owner of a Cleveland-area house said he bought it in a foreclosure sale.Getty Stock

A coroner said the body had no signs of trauma.

A new Ohio homebuyer made a startling discovery during a walk-through of his property.

In the basement, he found the decomposing remains of the previous owner, police said.

The man told authorities he had purchased the house at a foreclosure sale and stumbled upon the gruesome sight while inspecting the interior.

The Cuyahoga County medical examiner identified the body as Nina Fielden, 71, who was the home’s previous owner.

The woman's body showed "no signs of trauma,” the coroner said. 

It was not clear why the body had not been found earlier, authorities said.

Cleveland Heights police are investigating.

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