New Video Surfaces of Allegedly Kidnapped Model Chloe Ayling Showing Cops Around Farmhouse Where She Says She Was Held

She claims she was imprisoned by human traffickers looking to sell her on the dark web.

New video has surfaced of a British model, whose story of kidnapping to be sold as a sex slave horrified the world last year, taking cops back to the place where she was allegedly held captive.

Chloe Ayling led Italian officers to a remote farmhouse where she was allegedly shackled. The video of Ayling returning to her makeshift prison was shot by investigators after her ordeal in July 2017. 

The 20-year-old told Inside Edition last year that she was lured to a fake photo shoot in Italy and abducted.

One of her accused kidnappers, Poland native Lucasz Herba, 30, is now on trial and one of the highlights of the proceedings has been newly released video, in which she takes police to the now-empty photo studio in Milan where she says the ordeal began.

A hand comes from behind on my neck and another hand with a glove on my mouth and nose, stopping me from breathing and screaming," Ayling told Inside Edition. "And another guy rushes 'round in front of me. Eventually, they tackle me to the floor, the syringe goes in and that's when it all goes black."

Cops say she was injected with a horse tranquilizer and became a virtual zombie as a result. She was allegedly stuffed in a large black duffel bag, thrown in the trunk of a car, and driven for two hours to the farmhouse near Turin.

She says in the new video that one of her abductors later let her sleep in his bed.

Ayling asked the kidnapper why she was taken and he told her that she was put up for sale on the dark web at a starting bid of $300,000. Ayling says the kidnapper told her there was a huge interest in her. 

Herba claims that she was in on the abduction and staged it all for publicity, a claim she has vigorously denied.

"I purchased items that would make it look like it was actually a kidnapping," he told the Italian court recently. 

She says she was able to talk her way to freedom after telling her two captors that she had a 2-year-old son. 

"How can it be a publicity stunt?" she asked Inside Edition. "That is just ridiculous. My story has proven to be correct."