'New Year Miracle': Baby Recovering After Being Pulled From Ruins of Collapsed Building

The boy, dubbed a "New Year miracle," was found after a rescuer heard his cries.

Five more people have been pulled alive from the rubble of a collapsed apartment building in Russia, in addition to the 11-month-old baby boy found Tuesday.

The infant is reportedly in stable condition after being flown from Magnitogorsk to Moscow for treatment. He spent 35 hours under the debris in subzero temperatures after the building fell at about 6 a.m. local time Monday. 

The boy, dubbed a "New Year miracle," was found after a rescuer heard his cries, according to The New York Times. His father, identified in local reports as Yevgeny Fokin, said he helped direct first responders. 

“I came to the scene today and showed rescuers the approximate place where to search," Fokin said. 

Rescuers worked diligently to delicately remove the debris and were  able to reach the child Tuesday.

“Hundreds of people were awaiting the miraculous moment when the injured child emerged from under the rubble," read an Emergencies Ministry statement. “Tears welled in the eyes of the hard-boiled rescuers.”

Video showed the boy, wearing bright pink socks, being carried in the arms of a rescuer away from the scene. 

He was protected from the explosion because of his positioning, local reports said, with his head above his feet, and blankets protecting his body. 

The boy was reunited with his mother, who also survived the blast, at a local hospital before he was taken to Moscow for further treatment for frostbite and a head injury.

It's believed the collapse was caused by an explosion triggered by a gas leak. Dozens of apartments were destroyed in the blast. 

At least 18 people have been killed and more remain missing. 

Temperatures have fallen to minus 20 overnight in recent days, hampering rescue efforts.