Little Boy Jumps From Flaming Building Into Arms of Waiting Officers

Video captured the officers trying to persuade the boy to jump.

Dramatic footage shows officers encouraging a child to jump out of a Texas apartment building that caught fire.

Bodycam videos recorded Monday shows police officers racing up an outside staircase and evacuating families from the flaming Balch Springs building.

The cops then see a 10-year-old boy in a second-floor window, pleading for help. The window is stuck, but the officers improvise, throwing a baton to break it. 

Cops then persuade the young boy to jump into their arms.

“We got you! We got you, buddy, it's OK!” the officers shout.

The boy finally jumps into their arms and immediately asks for his mother. The officers wrap him in a blanket and console him.

“You OK? Alright, your mom's coming. Is no one else in there? Alright,” one of the cops says to the child. 

“Hey, that was a good jump, man! That was a good jump,” another adds.

Fire trucks arrived and rescue ladders were used to get mom to safety from the burning building. The mother and son then got into a police patrol car to escape the cold.

Inside Edition spoke to the three heroic Balch Springs Police Officers David Fields, Tyler Gross, and Corey Jones.

The cops said that "everything lined up that day" in order to save the family.