Women Knock Down Historical Artwork While Trying to Take Selfie

The incident is reportedly being investigated.

It wasn’t exactly a picture-perfect moment when four women allegedly knocked down two famed pieces of artwork at a Russian museum. 

On Oct. 27, the women visited the International Arts Center Maine Avenue in Yekaterinburg, Russia. When they tried to take a photo of themselves alongside Francisco Goya’s work from the Los Caprichos series and Salvador Dali’s interpretation of it, things went awry.

In a video posted by the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs, a large display, which the works were hanging on, falls over as people look on. 

“A group of girls — there were four of them — behaved inadequately,” an employee from the arts center told TASS Russian News Agency. “As a result, they damaged two works of art, which were on display in a tandem: pictures by Francisco Goya and Salvador Dali.”

While Goya’s painting had its frame and glass broken, Dali’s actual work was damaged. 

The incident is reportedly being investigated. The deputy director of the gallery reportedly wants the group prosecuted, according to the Ministry of International Affairs.

It is unclear if the women will be fined.