Woman Got So Drunk on Date She Damaged Over A Million Dollars Worth of Artwork: Cops

Lindy Layman's date with a high-profile lawyer didn't end well when she tore down two of his Andy Warhol paintings.

A Texas woman was arrested after allegedly damaging about $1.5 million of artwork belonging to a man with whom she was on a first date, authorities said.

Lindy Lou Layman, 29, is accused of damaging paintings and sculptures belonging to Anthony Buzbee, a high-profile lawyer best known for successfully defending former Texas Gov. Rick Perry in an abuse of power case.

During their first date, Layman allegedly became highly intoxicated and grew violent when Buzbee tried to call her a cab home.

The so-called "date from hell" allegedly refused to leave and poured red wine on several paintings—two of which were Andy Warhol originals—before ripping them off the wall, officials said.

Layman is also accused of breaking two of Buzbee’s sculptures.

Buzbee, who is also known for hosting a fundraiser in support of Donald Trump and for parking a tank outside of his home, called police when Layman became violent.

Layman, who works as a freelance court reporter, was arrested and charged with criminal mischief.

She was released from Harris County Jail Monday after posting $30,000 bail.