New York City's Museum of Pizza Will Leave You Hungry for More

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New York City is seen as a trendy hot spot for pop-up shops of all kinds, but this one is a little cheesier than the others. 

Located in Brooklyn, the Museum of Pizza pays homage to most varieties of slices. Visitors say the celebration of all things pizza is a welcomed escape from reality.

"The world is a little scary right now and it's nice to just escape for a few hours and like, your main concern is taking pictures of pizza. I feel like that's a good thing," said visitor Christopher Falcioni.

You should go to this museum with an empty stomach, so you can partake in a slice or two. There are also plenty of other activities, including a stroll through the "Dripping Cheese Room," a viewing of tasteful artwork, an Instagram-friendly atmosphere and even a ride on a seesaw. 

"The reason we started it is because pizza is really like, for everyone," Museum of Pizza founder Kareen Rahma said. "Pizza is for when you're alone and broke and eating a dollar slice, to sitting with your friends celebrating a 30th birthday and eating huge $50 pies."

He added: "It's really kind of the universal thread of food."

Buying a ticket to the museum also helps the community, as a portion of the proceeds goes toward families in need.

All in all, it's an enjoyable escape into a food fantasy — if you knead it!


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