New York Couple Discovers 66 Bottles of Whiskey Hidden in Walls of Their 100-Year-Old Home

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Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker found 66 bottles of booze inside the walls and floorboards of their ancient estate and could not believe it.

A couple has discovered 66 bottles of prohibition-era whisky hidden inside the walls of their 100-year-old home in Upstate New York, according to a report. Nick Drummond and Patrick Bakker, who are from New York City, purchased the home in Ames just over a year ago and were told recently that the house was once owned by a notorious bootlegger, CNN reported. The couple thought it was just urban legend until recently.

Drummond and Bakker found 66 bottles of booze inside the walls and floorboards of their home. "Our walls are filled with bundles of booze!" Drummond wrote on Instagram. "I can't believe the rumors are true! He was actually a bootlegger! "

Drummond told CNN recently that he was removing the outside skirting of the home when a mysterious package fell out and contained some of the once illegally owned booze.

"I'm like holy crap. This is like a whiskey stash. And this is like, all of a sudden, the whole story of the bootlegger,” he told CNN.

The bottles of the Scottish whiskey Old Smuggler Gaelic whiskey, which is still made today, that Drummond found are worth about $1,000 each, however, the homeowners said they will keep one of bottles to taste. The couple has been documenting the renovations to their home as well as the history of the previous owner on their Instagram page.