New York Fraternity Suspended After Video Appears to Show Dog Being Forced to Drink Beer

Video posted online of dog apparently being forced to drink beer has gone viral.
The video has gone viral and sparked outrage.Kristina Proscia

The Cavalier King Charles spaniel belongs to a fraternity member, authorities said.

A New York fraternity has been suspended after video posted on social media appeared to show a dog being forced to drink beer from a keg at an off-campus party.

The five-second clip has been seen nearly 100,000 times on Twitter, In it, a man is seen holding a Cavalier King Charles spaniel while another male squirts beer into the dog's mouth.

In the background people shout "let's go!"

The video was recorded Saturday at party in Hempstead, authorities said. It was attended by members of the Alpha Epsilon Pi fraternity at Hofstra University. The dog belongs to a fraternity member, authorities said. 

The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals is investigating the incident, detective Gary Rogers told NBC.

"No matter what, it's rather disturbing that someone would make this decision to do this to an animal," he said. "Alcohol can be poisonous to an animal. We hear about frat hazing all the time. We shouldn't have frat hazing to animals.

In a statement, the fraternity said, "Alpha Epsilon Pi International has placed our chapter at Hofstra University on 'cease and desist' due to suspected violations of our health and safety policies."

The fraternity is investigating the incident.

Hofstra issued a statement saying students violated the institution's code of conduct.

Kristina Proscia, who posted the video to Twitter, said she has received more than 2,000 comments about her post.

"It was just disgusting," she told "They literally tried the shove the nozzle into the dog's mouth."

Proscia, who belongs to a sorority at neighboring Adelphi University, said she posted the video to protest the fraternity's treatment of the dog and to say most Greek campus groups would condemn such behavior.

Despite receiving some posts that called her "a terrible person," she said, "I'm not taking (the video) down. It needs to be shared. It's not OK," she said.

"I would never let that happen in my sorority."