New York Mets Mascot Shows Up to Ask Teen Behind Viral Campaign to Prom

The teen thought the event at her school was an interview, but the team had a surprise in store for her.

Just one day after the New York Mets agreed to grant a local teen’s wish to take prom photos with players later this year, the team mascot surprised the 17-year-old at her school for a proper "promposal."

The Staten Island teen, Callie Quinn, was shocked as team's mascot Mr. Met showed up while holding a sign that read, “Prom?” while the fight song "Meet the Mets" played. 

With tears in her eyes, she excitedly said yes.

Quinn, a die-hard Mets fan, originally contacted the team earlier this month after realizing she didn’t have a date to her prom in May.

She sent the team a direct message and asked what it would take to get a pre-prom photo shoot with one of the players.

Their answer: 500,000 retweets about her "promposal."

On Saturday, the team announced that the teen had reached the goal.

“We knew you’d do it," the Mets tweeted Saturday. "Thank you to everyone who supported!”

Quinn said she never thought she'd be able to get 500,000 retweets, but she's glad she did. 

The teen is hoping two of her favorite players, Noah Syndergaard and Michael Conforto, will be present at the pre-prom photo shoot at Citi Field. 

The shoot is scheduled for May 18.

“I was planning on wearing blue before but now I definitely have to,” Quinn told Monday.