New York Mother of 6 Run Over by Car After Being Pushed by Abusive Boyfriend: Cops

Ambulance vehicles near Elmhurst trauma entranceAmbulance vehicles near Elmhurst trauma entrance
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A young mother of six has a long road of recovery ahead of her after her boyfriend, who remains on the run, allegedly pushed her in front of a Honda CR-V on Friday.

A New York mother is in a medically induced coma after cops say she was pushed in front of a car allegedly by her alleged abusive boyfriend, who has since been on the run.

Ayda Mayancela, a mother of six, was pushed in front of a Honda CR-V by her boyfriend Jorge Lazo, police told The Daily News.

Blanca Chavez, one of Mayancela’s sisters, told The Daily News that she rushed to the hospital, and when she arrived she spoke to Lazo. “Jorge was there. He was nervous,” Chavez said. “I didn’t know what happened at first, I talked to him (Jorge).”

Now Lazo is reportedly on the run, after allegedly returning to Mayancela’s family house and attempting to take the children with him, her family said.

Jenny Saquipulla, another sister of Mayancela, told the outlet that she’s frustrated Lazo is still missing. “We don’t know where he is,” she said. 

“I’m really upset about that, he was right there with the cops.”

Saquipulla said that after the incident, Lazo tried to play off what happened as an accident, according to the News.

“He talked to my dad. He said he did push her, and that he doesn’t care what the cops see. He said it was an accident,” she said.

The family said that the couple fought often, and the sisters were not fond of Lazo, according to the outlet.

Mayancela remains at Elmhurst Hospital, where her recovery could take a year, according to The News.

“She’s stable right now. She can move her hand,” said Saquipulla. “She had four surgeries and she has a tube in her skull that is draining.

The sister added that Mayancela can answer questions with head nods, and that she suffered fractures on the back of her skull and the front of her head near her cheekbones.

Because of the long recovery that is likely ahead, the family is concerned about supporting Mayancela’s children. According to the publication, members of the NYPD’s Community Affairs Bureau bought food for the family, but they will likely require additional support as time goes on.

“This is gonna be hard for her,” she said. “It feels like I can’t wake up from this dream.” Saquipulla said to The Daily News.

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