New York Nurse Receives Barbie Doll in Her Image in Honor of Her Work During COVID-19

Amy O'Sullivan, a nurse in Brooklyn, is one of the six individuals being honored with a custom Barbie for their work and sacrifices during the pandemic.

The nurse who treated New York City's first COVID-19 patient is receiving her own Barbie doll.

When the first person in New York City contracted COVID-19, nurse Amy O’Sullivan was the one to treat them.

Considered a healthcare hero, the nurse continued to treat COVID-19 patients at Wycoff Heights Medical Center in Brooklyn, ultimately contracting the virus herself and nearly dying.

“It's been a struggle,” O'Sullivan told CBS New York

O'Sullivan was previously featured on the cover of "Time" magazine, and is now being honored with a Barbie doll. 

“Being honored on the cover of Time’s most influential people is one thing,” the nurse said. “Having a Barbie doll modeled after you with precise details down to the tattoos and socks is another.”

O'Sullivan's doll is one of six Barbie dolls modeled after real-life heroes from around the world who have emerged during the coronavirus pandemic, including a coronavirus researcher from Brazil and a professor from the United Kingdom who helped develop the COVID-19 vaccine.

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